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"I scheduled a consultation with Susan George after about a year of going to different doctors. My first conversation with her, I felt instantly comfortable talking about my many health issues. (the good, bad and the ugly). At my first two hour consultation I was given the attention and time to explain all of the things I had been experiencing. Susan would ask questions and then explain why things were happening and the connection to my pain and discomfort. What a lightbulb moment, I felt relieved that I finally had solid answers. I received custom herbs and recommendations for my issues from Susan. Within the first few days I felt immediate improvement, within a week I was feeling more energized and present in my life. I have been going to Susan for eight months now and highly recommend anyone interested in Ayurveda or just living a happier, healthy lifestyle to call and make a consultation with Susan. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion gave me insight into my health and a lasting impact on my journey to health. I am so happy to have found Susan and would recommend her to anyone."
-T.P., Livermore, CA

One-on-one consultations are designed to focus on the areas of health that are most important to you. The majority are one hour long and include a half-hour follow-up after two to three weeks. The Overall Ayurvedic Assessment is a ninety-minute consultation that includes a half-hour follow-up after two to three weeks. All consultations include a detailed interview, health history, tongue and pulse ayurvedic assessment and recommended plan.

There is also Six Months of Ayurvedic Care, a package that includes six months of consultations, recommendations, follow-up care and all herbal formulas. This option provides you with a significant savings--from $300 to $400.

If you would like to have an ayurvedic consultation but are short on funds, there is Ayurveda On a Budget.

Whatever consultation you choose, you will come away with a deeper understanding of your health concerns and a customized plan to help restore balance on all levels.

To schedule your consultation or if you have any questions, please call Susan George at 510-407-0411 or send an email.

Overall Ayurvedic Assessment

his ninety-minute consultation is designed to provide you with an overall foundation for ayurvedic care. You then receive a customized program with tools and guidance to help you regain and maintain your health. This option also includes written findings and recommendations and a half-hour follow-up after two to three weeks.

Vitality at Every Age

In this consultation, we assess the state of your energy and vitality. Then we design a personalized treatment plan to help you rebuild and maintain your natural enthusiasm and vigor. This is a one-hour consultation that also includes a 30-minute follow-up.

Mental Rejuvenation

A strong and agile mind is a great asset. But in this age of electronic connectivity overload concerns such as mental fatigue, sleep disorders, burnout and lack of focus are becoming more commonplace. Learn how to restore balance and peace of mind without having to throw your laptop or cell phone out the window. This is a one-hour consultation that also includes a half-hour follow-up.

Women's Health

The natural cycles that women experience--from puberty to the many phases of menopause--the pressure women can put on themselves to be "perfect", the tendency to often care for others and not themselves, these and other topics will be the focus of this hour-long consultation and half-hour follow-up.

Optimal Digestion

Probably more than any other modality, ayurveda understands the importance of healthy digestion and its impact on your physical and mental well-being. In this one-hour consultation, you will learn how to restore and maintain healthy digestion. Also includes a half-hour follow-up.

Ayurveda on a Budget

This 45-minute appointment is designed to provide you with a personal ayurvedic assessment and key recommendations. It will also include helpful reading materials for self-study.

Six Months of Ayurvedic Care

Lasting, effective change happens in stages, as you gradually integrate recommendations over a period of time. Included in this package is: Initial 90-minute consultation, a detailed written report of findings and recommendations, a follow-up appointment after 2-3 weeks and regular follow-ups for five months thereafter. Also included are all herbal formulas and therapies. This option supports your longer-term commitment to health and well-being AND you will save between $300 and $400.

Balancing Food Programs

These are individually designed and range from seven to thirty days. Contact Oakland Ayurveda for details.

Please Note: If there are financial challenges that might otherwise prevent you from seeking comprehensive ayurvedic care, I am willing to work with clients on payment arrangements or to discuss other options.
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