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Legal Marijuana in America

National Geographic 

#NatGeoInvestigates #FullEpisode #NationalGeographic1,204,682 views • Apr 20, 2023 • #NatGeoInvestigates #FullEpisode #NationalGeographicThe war on pot is not over. Penalties and jail time are still a threat, and cannabis entrepreneurs struggle to adapt.

1/02/2024 -- New York City , Washington DC earthquakes,

India quake possible...

Right on schedule, NYC (new york city), as well as Washington DC, and the great lakes in Ohio started to see seismic activity. Several small to moderate earthquakes struck across the region in the past few days, starting with the M3.2 (M3.4) in Quebec, then the Washington DC area, then Madison Ohio, as well as New York City, NY. We were watching for the Northeast (east coast) to move this week, naming Virginia DC areas as well as the far Northeast in Quebec. Quebec was warned last week for M3.5 to M4.0 , now the M3.2-M3.4 struck. Virginia area was warned for M3.0 level activity and M2.6 struck (plus NYC in the upper M1.7 range). The mystery booms and rumbles are also "expected" to occur, as I have told my viewers for many years (10 years?!) that we see the mystery booms and rumbles accompany the earthquake spread across the craton edge as the seismic wave spreads across these areas. We have seen the boom and rumble thing many times in the Northeast USA as the craton is adjusting to the seismic wave passing through it.


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