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Kirit Nathalal Shah was born in Ahmedabad, in the same room where Mahatma Gandhiji frequently stayed prior to establishing the Sabarmati Ashram. Mr. Shah's relatives, neighbors and school teachers were directly associated with Mahatma Gandhiji and were strongly influenced by the Gandhian principles. Thus, he was raised in an environment very conducive to Gandhian philosophy from early childhood.

By age eleven, Mr. Shah was teaching Gujarati and Hindi languages to younger students. His command of languages won him numerous prizes and honors in debating and literary competitions. He was a government scholar throughout both his school and college. He obtained a Bachelor's degree from Gujarat University, India and a Master's degree from Stanford University, CA, USA.

In 1978, Mr. Shah started teaching Gujarati, Hindi and Yoga in the United States. Realizing that there were no comprehensive texts written in English available to learn Gujarati and Hindi, he wrote these textbooks. Mr. Shah's goal is to help preserve, protect and spread the cultural heritage of Gujarat, and of India as a whole.
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